We flew down to visit Peter’s family in Colorado earlier this fall. It was our first time out there; we were completely in awe of the epic scale of the mountains! We got to drive from Durango through the most beautiful country to Ridgway. I think I want to move there.

Our kids were equal parts excited & terrified in the airplane (first that they remember) but it didn’t take long for them to settle into pro-traveller mode (even when we got delayed overnight in the Denver airport on our way home!) They had the time of their lives digging for dinosaur bones with Papa Paul and exploring the high country in LaVonne’s old jeep.

It was such a special visit for all of us – one we’ll remember for a long time!

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Casey and Liv | engagement



I’ve known Olivia since she was 3 years old. Her sister, Mary, is one of my oldest friends, and I used to hang out at their house a lot while growing up. I even lived with them for a while after high school, so Olivia seems very much like a honorary little sister of mine. I love her to pieces and I’m thrilled that she’s engaged to such a great guy!

Casey and Olivia fell in love in high school – another story so similar to Peter’s and mine. I loved having the chance to shoot their engagement photos earlier this fall. It’s obvious how well they fit together and how deeply Casey adores her. They’re both so laid back and fun – we had a great time hiking around Mirabeau, and lucked out with fantastic weather for photos!

I’m already looking forward to their wedding next June… it’s going to be beautiful.

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amber glanville photography_003

Somehow nine years have passed since my girl was born. Crazy! Everyone tried to tell me how quickly the time would fly by once we had kids. Truth be told, I didn’t believe them… and I was so, so wrong. I’m feeling a bit torn on this ninth birthday of hers – so proud of her, in awe of the person she’s becoming, but also starting to miss the little girl that is quickly fading. I wish I could stop the clock, or at least slow it down some.

With this in mind I’m trying to be more intentional with my kids, working to slow down and savor the little everyday moments. It’s funny how hard this is to do. You’d think slowing down would be easier, but I guess I’m fighting the inertia of a fast-paced world and our fast-paced lives. It seems like we’ve been in a survival mode of sorts trying to get Peter through school the last few years. I’ve done a lot of shooting, and while I’ve loved fulfilling this dream, it has been a constant struggle to balance work & family. I want to lift my eyes from the road right in front of me so that I can watch my kids explore life!

Jo turned nine on Monday, and since the boys were heading out to Chicago early (Henry is being evaluated by several specialists at Shriners this week) we did a little birthday breakfast. Nothing fancy, just us, but these are the moments I want to remember…

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brand new


amber glanville photography_010

Cyrus Dale Hol
7 lbs 10 oz

There’s nothing quite so sweet as a fresh baby.

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My sister’s due date came and went last week – but still no baby. I get funny little texts from her daily. She’s understandably very uncomfortable and would really, really like this season to be over, like TODAY.

At least she’s the most beautiful pregnant woman I’ve ever seen, I tell her… but apparently it doesn’t help much.

Since she’s so close to the end of this pregnancy, I figured it was high time to post some of the maternity photos that I took for her last month. We pulled this session together last minute, and in the true spirit of sisterhood we raided both of our closets and mom’s house for accessories. Sarah was a little further along than we had originally planned for photos… but I love these images so much. It’s still surreal to see my little sis in her role as a mother; she’s truly amazing at it. I don’t think I’ve ever known a more patient, kind momma than she is to my niece – and my soon-to-be-born nephew.

So come on, baby! Your beautiful, patient momma would really like to meet you…

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cary & kate


Amber Glanville Photography_011

Cary and I met almost five years ago. I had a lens for sale on Craigslist, and she bought it from me. She walked into my house with her two wee kids and a big smile (probably wearing a cute pair of boots, because that’s how she rolls!) and I knew we were going to be fast friends. I had just moved to Hayden, and the beginning of a sweet new friendship with a native Idaho gal felt like a gift.

Over the years I’ve been so inspired by Cary. She is a true pioneer soul and does it all: photography, sewing, crafting, building, logging, driving a skidder, restoring old vehicles, working antique shows, riding horses, remodeling vintage campers… and finding the best deals on Frye boots! And yet she always finds time to text me for a quick coffee date or movie night at the Garland. She’s laid-back but up for anything, and I so appreciate that about her! And let me tell you, every farm-raised city-dwelling girl with an animal-loving daughter should be as lucky as us to have a Cary in their lives. We look forward to heading out to her little farmhouse on the prairie to see brand new puppies and kitties, chickens, and a recently added pony & horse. I know Joanna would trade homes in a heartbeat!

It was Cary’s birthday last month, and I headed out to get some photos of her with her most recent project, a newly restored 1959 Triumph TR10. Talk about a ridiculously adorable car! It’s so small that I was able to push it out of the garage singlehandedly, and then later out of a ditch with Cary’s help – which was almost impossible to do because we were both laughing so hard. Such fun! (Oh, and yes – Cary did the most of the restoration herself, including reupholstering the seats. Amazing!)

Baby Kate – who is not really a baby anymore, but will forever be known to my kids as such – came along and I love the way her big personality shines through in every frame. =)

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letting go


amber glanville photography_018

It’s been almost a month since I visited my grandparents’ old place for the last time and said goodbye to the mountain, the meadows, and the homestead that have been there as long as I can remember, an anchor.

I took one of my dearest friends on a day trip up to Northport. She let me talk along the way, listening to random memories. I needed that day, that final visit to my grandparents while they still lived in their beloved mountain cabin where time always managed to stand still. I needed the chance to pick apples from the tree in the front yard, and sit in the living room with my grandma as she laughingly recounted a story, and watch my grandpa tend his tomatoes. I needed to walk up the driveway past Emil’s cabin one more time.

When we got there I pulled out my camera, focused my lens on the weather-worn barn, on the aspens about to turn color, on the apple tree that is older than me, and I said goodbye.

Five generations of my family have walked this land, and in the Northwest that’s an eternity. For 32 years I’ve been driving up the winding road under a canopy of trees to visit my grandparents. As a kid my mom would tell us about her childhood growing up there. I loved sleeping in her old room above the kitchen, imagining her as a girl. She fell in love with my dad while she lived in that room, the two of them disappearing into the sunset on his motorcycle, high school sweethearts.

There are so many things I’ll remember… the green glass candy jar on the counter, the narrow wood steps leading to the basement, the laundry chute that we played in for hours as children – stretching out our small arms and legs as we scaled inside to the second floor. I’ll remember my grandma talking as she made dinner at the ancient stove, the sweeping views of the river, and Thanksgivings with the entire family gathered around a long table, my grandpa at one end pretending to need binoculars to see my grandma at the other end…

I watched my grandpa on that last visit, only days before moving off his mountain. He was sitting on the porch with his back to the house, facing North. Just looking. Not saying a word. He watched a storm roll down the valley from Canada, as he had done a thousand times in his life… but for the last time. How do you say goodbye to your entire life? This land IS my grandfather. He was born here 85 years ago. He has explored it, loved it, cared for it. He knows every tree on 200 acres, every stump, every clearing. This land is as much a part of him as breathing. I can’t imagine him without his forests and his mountain, his river… without the wild surrounding him.

A lot of people don’t understand how a soul can be so tied to a piece of land – but I know, and I’m tied too, and it’s hard to let go. I want my daughter to grow up with the same sense of connectedness, an awareness and gratitude for how deeply our roots go into this little corner of the world. I think it makes it easier to spread your wings and fly when you know where you came from, when you have a hometown or homestead in your rearview mirror.

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Whitney & Jacob | Bozarth Mansion | Wedding


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Heather & Tim | St Ignatius Chapel | Seattle


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St. Ignatius Chapel on the Seattle University campus took me by surprise. I don’t know that I’ve ever shot in such a unique space. The light constantly changes, designed to stream through colored windows at significant times throughout the day, casting prisms of color across the white walls which are cross-hatched to represent the intertwining of lives in community. It’s a special place, welcoming and sacred – a place to pray, a place to hope, a place to just be.  It feels open and pure.

Heather and Tim couldn’t have picked a more fitting place to join together in marriage. They live life with open hearts, and it’s obvious how much they are loved and appreciated for it. Their wedding day was filled with an outpouring of well wishes from friends and family who were so happy to be celebrating this marriage.

Heather and Tim’s open-hearted approach to life was evident in every aspect their wedding day. Being the foodies that they are, of course the menu was important but more than that, Heather and Tim wanted to give back to the community through their reception. FareStart in downtown Seattle provides the opportunity for disadvantaged individuals to transform their lives through culinary job training and placement while also serving thousands of meals to homeless men, women and children every year.  What a great place!  Peter and I felt so honored to be a part of this special day – from beginning to end.

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casey & jacob | wild rose | arlington, WA


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amber glanville photography_001

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