Joanna & Carl | Coeur d’Alene Lakeside Wedding


Amber Glanville Photography

Carl and Joanna were married on the edge of Lake Coeur d’Alene at his family’s cabin property. It was one of the last warm days of summer before the world slipped into fall, and the setting sun lingered long enough to cast  beautiful shadows over the water as Joanna and Carl said “I do”.  They were surrounded by friends and family who celebrated with them late into the night – laughing, cheering and dancing. It was a perfect celebration of the love these two obviously have for each other, and Peter & I felt privileged to be there capturing the story of their day!

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David & Sharon | Camden Ranch Wedding


Amber Glanville Photography

There are not enough nice words in the dictionary  to describe David & Sharon – or their beautiful wedding day. These two are the epitome of kindness & graciousness - Mr. Bingley & Jane Bennet incarnate in the flesh (but with the addition of some serious dance moves!)  It was a joy capturing their wedding…. the weather was beautiful, the entire day was filled with special moments and the dance floor never cleared for a minute!

Best wishes, Sharon & David, as you settle into this next season of life together!

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Carolyn & Mike | Gonzaga Prep & Spokane Convention Center Wedding


amber glanville photography_052

Carolyn and Mike’s wedding day is one that I won’t soon forget. The morning dawned unassuming and calm, but a massive summer storm rolled in unexpectedly right after the ceremony with high winds causing irreparable damage to their rooftop reception setup. After so many months of planning and looking forward to enjoying the materialization of their dream wedding, it was a blow. Thankfully the Convention Center had an indoor ballroom available, and the reception was able to be moved inside – but it was quite an upset and took a lot of quick thinking and fast work on the part of the event coordinator and her team.  Watching Mike and Carolyn’s amiable response through it all was just beautiful. To take life’s lemons and drink the lemonade so graciously is proof of how wonderful they are. Not that anyone needed proof! Mike and Carolyn are honestly two of the kindest people I’ve ever had the privilege of working with, and I know their friends and family would agree. And so the party carried on with all of the celebration, laughter, and well-wishing this couple deserved.

It was a privilege working with a fantastic team of vendors on this wedding! There were exquisite details throughout the day – beautifully orchestrated by Alisa Lewis Events (who handled the storm with such poise and determination!) It was all truly just a delight to shoot.

… And it got even better! Carolyn’s mom called me a couple of days after the wedding to let me know that she and Mike’s mom were planning a small setup of the original reception to surprise Mike and Carolyn after they returned home from their honeymoon. I was thrilled to be able to shoot that as well, and will share some of those photos in an upcoming post.

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Hans & Karin | St Maries Riverside Wedding


amber glanville photography_098

Good grief, this day… these two… just ridiculously perfect. It was a happy, laid-back, laughter-filled day from start to finish. I don’t think two people could possibly be more in love than Hans & Karin! It was such a joy capturing their wedding and witnessing their celebration… the kind of day where Peter & I  don’t want to leave the party and finally do so with huge smiles and full hearts.

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Sara & Kyle | Trinity Tree Farm Wedding


amber glanville photography_001

This wedding at Trinity Tree Farm in Issaquah was a pure joy to shoot! Kyle & Sara’s day was full of happiness and endless laughter as friends and family came together to celebrate with them. I loved the unique touches that made their wedding so personal – like sharing their favorite meal with guests and having an ice cream truck for dessert!

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Olivia & Casey | A Riverside Wedding



This was the sweetest backyard wedding – a beautiful celebration of love & family. It was a true privilege to be there… congrats again, Casey & Olivia!

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I bought an old medium format film camera a couple of years ago, a Hasselblad 500C. I shot a few rolls with it over the period of about a year – just personal work for fun. Then of course life got crazy and the film sat in a dresser drawer for a year & a half until I finally sent it off to be processed this spring. I couldn’t even really remember what I’d shot, so it was like opening a present when the scans came back. So fun! I’m really looking forward to running a few more rolls through it this summer. I love the way it shoots… that light leak is just dreamy!! Shooting film forces me to slow down and see differently. That alone is worth the extra investment of the film!



It’s hard to believe that it’s been six years since I first started my photography business! It’s been a fun process over the years developing my eye, honing skills, discovering my style, and networking. As I’ve grown and evolved as an artist and business owner, I’ve learned so much through practice and experimentation. While I feel confident that I’ve found my groove and my photography style is consistent; my branding on the other hand definitely hasn’t been! Like many new photographers, I bounced around a lot during the discovery process, and my branding up until this point has been a scattered mess of bits & pieces that I’ve collected along the way. I’ve known that I needed to spend some time working on it, but honestly just the mere thought of rebranding has been enough to give me a headache! I put it off as long as possible, but this spring I knew it was time. The scattered miscellany just wasn’t going to cut it any longer; I needed to get serious and bring clarity & cohesion to my visual identity.

Enter Rachel from Aniya Jade Design. I feel fortunate to have found such an amazing designer to work with! Rachel is the nicest person ever and an incredibly talented photographer & designer. She just ‘got’ me and was able to translate my vision of Feminine Minimalist into a tangible, cohesive board. She took my jumble of descriptive words: “clean lines” “open space” “peaceful modern” “timeless design” and blended them up beautifully.  The whole process was surprisingly smooth, quick & painless!  I’m super happy with the results and both ecstatic and relieved that it’s finished.

Check out my updated website HERE.

And check out Rachel’s work HERE. Seriously, I can’t recommend her highly enough!

And here is the final result from Rachel – a mood board & branding board:


Amber Glanville Photography | Mood Board

Amber Glanville Photography | Branding Board

California Coast


Big Sur California |Amber Glanville Photography

A few weeks ago, three dear girlfriends & I flew down to California for a little getaway in Carmel & Big Sur. We’re all working photographers and moms, so this time away was a wonderful opportunity to fill our souls creatively & relationally before the busy summer season hits. It was amazing! …really the perfect trip in every way. I’m SO blessed by these gals and our sweet friendships that span the distance between us. It always seems like no time has passed when we get together, even if it’s been years. I’m grateful for their wisdom & encouragement, and inspired by their artistry. I definitely came home with a full, happy heart.
Traveling with other photographers is a treat. We slowly meandered along the coast in our little rental car “Ford Tiny” and no one minded at all when someone hollered to stop the car for a spontaneous picture. The rest of us happily piled out as well and snapped away. It was all just breathtakingly beautiful…

Carolyn & Mike | save the date session


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