I took Joanna on a three-day road trip through the Southwest last November for her twelfth birthday. We met up with some of Peter’s family in Zion, but for the most part it was just the two of us for endless miles of open road – listening to music, telling stories, basking in stretches of beautiful silence, and honestly just getting to know each other all over again in this new season of life. Parenting a pre-teen is both harder and more rewarding than I could have imagined. I love the way our friendship is changing and developing in new ways all the time… I hope this trip was something she’ll treasure forever; I know I will.

Pentax 645N & Canon 1-V / Fuji 400 film / Scans by The FIND lab

Deer Ridge Lookout


Deer Ridge: near Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho | June 2016

Canon 1-V | Pentax 645N | Scans by the FIND lab

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Spring Break 2016


I shot through a roll of black & white film over spring break – just everyday pics of my kids with their messy hair and play clothes – because in reality it’s the everyday moments I want to remember most… the way their cowlicks won’t brush down, the scraped knees from climbing trees and riding bikes, the ice cream drips and pizza stains on their clothes: evidence of a happy childhood. How can they be getting so old? It’s bittersweet. I love the new ways we are exploring life together – reading aloud through books I loved as a kid, soccer games and band practice, watching them try sushi for the first time, hearing about their crushes and their hopes & dreams for the future…  but still…  I miss the ways they used to need me. Now their needs are different: less physical, more emotional. They need a listening ear here, a little gentle nudge there… no more tying their shoes or holding hands at the store. Except for baby! Oh my sweet, sweet Hazel. Thank goodness for my cheeky baby! Her snaggle-toothed grins melt my heart and make me ache from happiness. I can hardly remember life before her. I feel like I have the best of both worlds right now – beautiful blossoming friendships with my older kids and a squishy, delicious baby to snuggle with at night. Life is good.

Ilford Delta 3200 film | Canon 1-V & 50mm 1.2L | scans by the FIND lab

AmberGlanville Photography_001AmberGlanville Photography_002AmberGlanville Photography_004AmberGlanville Photography_005AmberGlanville Photography_006
AmberGlanville Photography_008
AmberGlanville Photography_007
AmberGlanville Photography_009AmberGlanville Photography_010AmberGlanville Photography_011AmberGlanville Photography_012AmberGlanville Photography_013
AmberGlanville Photography_023
AmberGlanville Photography_015
AmberGlanville Photography_014
AmberGlanville Photography_019
AmberGlanville Photography_017
AmberGlanville Photography_020
AmberGlanville Photography_024AmberGlanville Photography_025

Banff & Jasper National Parks


The morning after Peter graduated we headed out for a week of camping in the Canadian Rockies. It was incredible! Peter still had to study for his upcoming national exam so he had his notebook in hand most of the time… but it wouldn’t have seemed like a true Glanville family vacation without something like that!
We stayed at Lake Louise for the first couple of days and then drove up to Jasper. It seemed like the mountains got bigger and the views got more gorgeous around every corner. I finally just gave up trying to capture it all! Thankfully we were lucky with clear days before wildfire smoke set in on our drive home. We took the Skytram while up in Jasper and had a clear view of the tallest peak in the CA rockies from on top of Whistlers Mountain. The kids got to have a summer snowball fight up there and that was probably the highlight of the trip for them.. or maybe it was swimming in glacier water!?! We stopped by the side of the road at one point to stretch our legs and made a bet that Henry wouldn’t jump into the glacial river. Of course he promptly stripped down to his undies and dove right in. Love that kid!
All in all it was a lot of driving and camping in 38* cold the first night – but the baby did amazingly well! Apparently she takes after the rest of us and loves road trips. We had five or six emergency pitt stops for blown-out diapers, but that just added to the fun.
I love being able to explore with my kids. I hope they always remember our adventures with fondness, and I hope it inspires them to continue exploring the world as they get older.

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we did it!


“For what it’s worth…it’s never too late, or in my case, too early, to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit. Start whenever you want. You can change or stay the same. There are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people who have a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.


I’m wildly proud of Peter today… wildly proud of us. Five years ago we made the decision to close our cabinet business and take what seemed like a giant step backward – or maybe a blindfolded leap off a cliff, not sure which felt more accurate! – so that Peter could pursue his desire to become a medical provider. A lot of you know the story. In a nutshell, we downsized from a large house and successful cabinetry/woodworking business in Idaho to an airstream trailer for the summer with our two kids in tow. We then moved into a tiny 800 sq ft house in Spokane so Peter could begin paramedic school with the end goal of getting into the UW Medex program to become a PA.

It’s been an intense five years. Let me tell you: going back to school full time with kids is no easy task! Peter worked nights in the ER while going to paramedic school and did as many cabinet jobs on the side as he could. I filled my summers with weddings so I could to help put him through and support us. Our kids shared a teeny-tiny little space. We joked that if we had another baby it would have to sleep in a dresser drawer. Money was tight, extra time was non-existent, but our spirits were high. There’s something so compelling about setting off on a new adventure with the people you love. I wrote in my journal during that time that the difference between feeling discouraged and feeling challenged is hope. It can be the exact same situation, but with hope and a dream, it makes the tough times seem like stepping stones rather than insurmountable boulders.

I can’t even begin to recount the amazing stories and connections that have happened over the last five years. The right doors continually opened at just the right time. Peter barely squeezed into one pre-req class after another, was initially rejected for the PA program because of a lack of clinical hours but then they recalculated and accepted his application, the Medex branch in Yakima closed so they relocated us back to Spokane, and on and on. It’s confirmed in my mind that even if things seem stuck and impossible at the moment, another opportunity will be around the corner as long as you keep hustling and knocking and keeping the faith.

And now he’s done!

Standing here looking back, it does feel like we hiked over a mountain. I remember how daunting it felt on the other side. Not necessarily the years of school, but just the whole starting completely over. The 180* fork in the road. The letting go of the known to pursue a dream… but so worth it!  I’m so glad that Peter was able to look at his life and realize that he wasn’t doing what he wanted to be doing long term. I’m glad he had the humility to admit it and to let go of the achviements he had in one area to start at the very bottom in another. That takes guts. He risked and worked hard and wasn’t afraid to fail a few times if necessary in order to get on the right path. He’s inspired me constantly! We have one shot at this thing called life. I want to live it fully. I want to risk and step out and dream and explore and fail and try something different. No regrets, no what-ifs.

There have been so many people who have inspired and encouraged us along the way. A huge shout out to all of you! To my awesome clients, THANK YOU! You’ve all meant so much to me and I can’t find the words to express how lucky I feel to have been able to work doing something I love while supporting my husband in his dream. To our friends – both the dear old ones and the new ones that we’ve made through this process – you are all the best! And most of all, to our awesome families… we would have been hard pressed to make it through without your love and support. We are so grateful.

From here, we’re just excited about what the future holds. We still hope to move overseas to do relief work at some point – that’s one of the biggest reasons why Peter wanted to go into the medical field. It’ll be exciting to watch more doors open in the coming years!




a hundred days


Hazel girl, you’re a hundred days old today. It’s been the best hundred days. Not a single one has gone by that I haven’t thanked God for you, such a gift. It seemed crazy to start over again with a baby after so many years, but I’m wildly happy that we did. You’ve brought immeasurable joy into our lives. Thank you for being so sweet and trusting. Thank you for smiling at me at four in the morning. You’ve made me so aware of how quickly the days pass… I can’t seem to hold you or kiss you enough.

amber glanville photography

Hazel Kate


February 3, 2015

3:35 pm

 6.6 lbs | 19 in

These past three weeks have been magical. I can’t remember a time in my life where I felt more happy or more at peace. I’m deeply grateful for the addition of this perfect little soul to our family… we’ve been looking forward to this for a long time and it couldn’t be sweeter.  

amber glanville photography_019

amber glanville photography_002amber glanville photography_003amber glanville photography_004

amber glanville photography_001amber glanville photography_006

amber glanville photography_011

amber glanville photography_012amber glanville photography_013amber glanville photography_014amber glanville photography_015amber glanville photography_016amber glanville photography_017amber glanville photography_018amber glanville photography_020amber glanville photography_022amber glanville photography_023amber glanville photography_024amber glanville photography_025amber glanville photography_026amber glanville photography_027amber glanville photography_028amber glanville photography_029amber glanville photography_030amber glanville photography_032amber glanville photography_035

on a personal note


 Almost six months along and I’m so mindful this time around of how quickly it all goes. Ten years between pregnancies puts everything in perspective! I remember when Jo was a newborn I couldn’t wait for her to grow up… to start walking and talking and interacting. I didn’t realize how fast it would fly by. So now as crazy as it seems to be going back to diapers, pacifiers and sleepless nights after years of independence, I’m actually looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to the forced slowing down of life’s crazy pace, the newborn wonder and sweet baby snuggles. I’m also sadly aware of the time I missed at the beginning of Henry’s life. It feels like a gift to not only have the time with this new little one from the very beginning, but also the firsthand experience of how quickly they grow!




I bought an old medium format film camera a couple of years ago, a Hasselblad 500C. I shot a few rolls with it over the period of about a year – just personal work for fun. Then of course life got crazy and the film sat in a dresser drawer for a year & a half until I finally sent it off to be processed this spring. I couldn’t even really remember what I’d shot, so it was like opening a present when the scans came back. So fun! I’m really looking forward to running a few more rolls through it this summer. I love the way it shoots… that light leak is just dreamy!! Shooting film forces me to slow down and see differently. That alone is worth the extra investment of the film!




We flew down to visit Peter’s family in Colorado earlier this fall. It was our first time out there; we were completely in awe of the epic scale of the mountains! We got to drive from Durango through the most beautiful country to Ridgway. I think I want to move there.

Our kids were equal parts excited & terrified in the airplane (first that they remember) but it didn’t take long for them to settle into pro-traveller mode (even when we got delayed overnight in the Denver airport on our way home!) They had the time of their lives digging for dinosaur bones with Papa Paul and exploring the high country in LaVonne’s old jeep.

It was such a special visit for all of us – one we’ll remember for a long time!